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You can display content from CMS Builder on your website with "Viewers". Viewers are regular HTML pages with some extra PHP tags that load content from the CMS Builder database. They can easily be adapted to any page design with a bit of HTML knowledge.

Here's how you can quickly create a new viewer:

  1. Go to Admin > Code Generator
  2. Select the section you want to create a viewer for
  3. Select the type of viewer you want to create
  4. Select display options for the viewer
  5. Click "Show Code >>"
  6. Copy and paste the generated code into new PHP files as per the instructions on that page
  7. Update the HTML in the viewers to suit your site and design
There are two types of viewers:
List Viewers
These show multiple records from the section (such as news, jobs, events, etc)
Page Viewers
These show a single record from a section (such as a news article, event details, etc)
Tip: On most web servers, if you name your viewer "index.php" and remove any other index files from your webroot folder (index.php, index.shtml), it will be the default file when people browse to your website.

Displaying Fields

The standard PHP tag that displays a field value looks like this:
<?php echo $record['fieldname'] ?>
Where 'fieldname' is the name of your field and $record is an auto generated variable name (instead of $record you might have $newsRecord or $jobRecord, etc). The viewer code generated by CMS Builder has tags for ALL the fields already added so usually all you need to do is move them around and remove the ones you don't want.

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