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Admin > Code Generator > Add New Editor

Menu Type

Multi Record
Multi record menus can have many records and are for sections such as News, FAQs, Jobs, Events, Blog, etc.
Single Record
Single Records menus have only one record and are for single page sections such as About Us or Contact Us.
Category Menu
Category menus let you organize records in a tree structure and are for creating website menus and navigation. Note: this is a Beta menu type.
Preset Menu
Pre-configured menus and fields for common website sections
Example : About Us, Bios, Blog, Contact, FAQs, Jobs, News, Products, Quotes. Also included are presets for creating a realty site with agent Homepages and Listings
Menu Name
This is the section name that is displayed in the program menubar. For example:
Table Name
This is the database table name where section data is stored. If you change this table name, you'll need to update any viewers to reference the new table name! Tip:Your table name is used in your viewer code so choose a short but meaningful name such as: news, articles, jobs, etc.
After choosing the Section, Viewer Type and Viewer Options, click

Your new section is instantly created. Any time you want to make changes (add/remove fields, change or re-order the fields that are shown or searched in the record list, etc), just click "modify".

Tip: To create your OWN menu preset, just create a custom section and copy the data file for that section menu from [cmsb]/data/schema/ to [cmsb]/data/schemaPresets/ and it will show up in your "Add a new menu..." pulldown.
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