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Private Labeling

CMS Builder is "Private Label" software which allows you to market the program as your own. With its easy private label interface, you will be able to re-brand CMS Builder in just a few seconds.

Benefits of Private Labeling
  • Market CMS Builder as your own solution
  • Be the complete provider for all your clients needs
  • Charge any price you like
  • How to private label CMS Builder
    To re brand the software, login to the program and go to "Admin > General". Click on the "private label" link (next to the vendor link). This page will explain everything you need to do.

    Updating the "vendor" also hides the link to that page, so that your clients won't know that this is private label software.
    What if I can't find the "private label" link?
    Make sure you are using v1.04 or later. If you are, you might have already re-branded the software, which removes the link so that your client won't find the interface.

    If you need to change any of the values after changing the vendor, you can get to the Private Labeling interface by simply adding ?menu=admin&action=vendor to the end of the program URL in your address bar (after admin.php), e.g.:
    Private Labeling Fields

    Program Name / Titlebar
    The program name that is displayed in the browser titlebar and throughout the application.
    Header Image URL
    The URL to the program logo image.
    Help (?) URL
    This is the url that the "Help" link in the top corner links to.
    Vendor Name
    The name of the Vendor. Displayed throughout the program and on the license agreement.
    Vendor Location
    The location of the Vendor. Displayed in the license agreement in this context: "Any disputes arising out of this license shall be adjudicated in a court of competent jurisdiction in location."
    Vendor URL
    The URL of the Vendor. The Vendor Name, display throughout the program and on the license agreement, will link to this URL.
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