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On this page you'll find a list of terms frequently used in conjunction with CMS Builder, both throughout the documentation, on the forums, and within the software itself.

Category Menu
A type of Section Editor used for creating menus that allows you to organize your records in a tree structure. Each record entered in this section can be assigned as a 'child' or subcategory of another record, or it can be assigned as a 'parent', which places it at the top of the structure.
Code Generator
The Code Generator in CMS Builder creates the code needed to display records from a Section Editor on your web site. The generated code is then added to your designed pages which become List Viewer pages or Detail Viewer pages. The Code Generator can be used to control what records are displayed when a user visits a List Viewer or Detail Viewer page as well as the order the records are displayed in by adjusting the Code Generator options.
Detail Viewer
The page used to display more detailed information about a record. Detail Viewers only display information from one record at a time and are usually accessed by following a link from a List Viewer page. For example, the Detail Viewer can be used to show information about one specific product in a catalog.
An area for data entry. There are field types for entering text, uploading files, toggling checkboxes, selecting from a drop-down menu, and more. CMS Builder allows you to create your own fields for each Section Editor.
Input Validation
Refers to the process of checking that certain conditions have been met for the data entered into a field before the record will save. Input Validation can include checking if an uploaded image is too large, limiting the use of certain characters in a text field, or ensuring a certain amount of characters are entered.
List Viewer
The page used to display the index of records in a particular section on your site. For example, the List Viewer would be used to display a list of products in your catalog. By default, List Viewer pages are set up with links to each record's Detail Viewer page.
Multi Record
A type of Section Editor that allows you to enter in several records. Common uses for this type of Section Editor are product catalogs and realty listings.
Settings on a web server that determine how files can be changed by scripts or other users. When installing the software, these need to be set so that CMS Builder has access to create, write, delete, and modify files on your server.
A group of Section Editor settings that have been preconfigured for a specific purpose. In CMS Builder there are presets for "News" or "About" Section Editors, among others. These can be used to speed up the process of creating a Section Editor. In addition to the default presets, CMS Builder allows you to create your own.
Private Label
In CMS Builder, it refers to the replacement of company information with your own, so as to make the product appear to have been created by your company.
An individual entry or group of data within a Section Editor. For example, "Apple" would be a record in a section called "Fruit". "Kiwi" would be another record.
Section Editor
Section Editors are where records and data are added to your site. Section Editors usually correspond to an area or page of the same name on your web site, such as "News" or "Products". While logged in to CMS Builder, the Section Editor names are displayed as links in the menu bar along the top of the page.
SEO Urls
SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". An SEO URL is a link created in a format which is more easily indexed by search engines like Google, with the goal of improving a site's search result ranking.
Single Record
A type of Section Editor that only allows you to create one record. Common uses for this type of Section Editor are "About Us" pages and "Contact" pages.
A subdivision within a MySQL database. Each section in CMS Builder uses its own table for data storage. CMS Builder manages your tables for you automatically, however you can manually change which table is used by a Section Editor if required.
Refers to a page that contains code from CMS Builder's Code Generator for displaying records on your site. Can be a List Viewer or Detail Viewer.
Viewer URL
The address of a page used to load records from a Section Editor. There are separate Viewer URL's for your List Viewer pages and Detail Viewer pages. Viewer URL's should point to a page on your server that has been set up with either List Viewer or Detail Viewer code from CMS Builder's Code Generator.
Stands for "What You See Is What You Get". In CMS Builder, this refers to the built-in text editor that includes options for changing the format of text, as well as giving you the ability to add in links to other web pages and uploading media to your site.
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