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These add ons, created exclusively by, are available on a a per-site license or an unlimited license that lets you use them on all your projects sites.

Unlimited Use: Free Website Membership v1.14
updated Oct 5, 2022  |  tags: Featured , Official , Security , Website Features
Website membership functions for user sign-up, password reset, login, edit your profile, user specific content, and login only content. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Geocoder v1.11
updated Mar 13, 2023  |  tags: Featured , Official , Website Features
Automatically geocodes addresses in databases or form input, shows maps with single or multiple markers, and supports searching and sorting by distance. Uses the Google Maps API. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Permalinks v1.12
updated Mar 18, 2024  |  tags: Featured , Official , Admin Utilities , CMS Interface , Website Features
Create SEO-optimized permalinks, user defined-custom URLS, or custom aliases for any page. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Newsletter Builder v3.08
updated Apr 30, 2024  |  tags: Featured , Official , Admin Utilities , Email & Messaging
Email newsletter software lets your customers quickly and easily publish email newsletters. This software supports creating and sending newsletters, subscribing, double opt-in confirmations, unsubscribing, importing of existing mailing lists, web archives of past newsletters, and powerful background mailer for incremental mailing for web hosts with email per hour limits. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Form Generator v1.02
updated Nov 3, 2017  |  tags: Featured , Official , Admin Utilities , CMS Interface , Website Features
Instantly create front-end web forms for adding or updating content into your CMS Builder database. Automatically generate all the form code needed based on an existing section (eg: News, Reviews, Quote Request, etc). read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Simple Forum v1.07
updated Feb 12, 2024  |  tags: Featured , Official , Social Networking , Website Features
A simple to set up and manage online forum. Includes Bootstrap responsive templates that can be customized as needed with CSS. Email notification for admins, reply to users and subscribe to threads. We use Simple Forum to power our own forum here at Try it out using the demo link below. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Offline Mode v1.02
updated Feb 9, 2024  |  tags: Featured , Official
"Offline Mode" provides local copies of common libraries and resources instead of using cloud-based CDNs, ideal for offline servers and enhancing privacy compliance. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Facebook Login v2.01
updated Sep 8, 2017  |  tags: Featured , Official , Social Networking
Add one-click "Login with Facebook" to your website to support instant signups and logins from Facebook's over one billion users. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free CSV Export v1.06
updated Nov 18, 2022  |  tags: Official , Admin Utilities
Easily export your CMS Builder data so it can be edited or manipulated by any other program that supports the standard CSV data format, such as Microsoft Excel. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free CSV Import v1.17
updated Apr 22, 2024  |  tags: Official , Admin Utilities
Quickly import CSV data files of any size or format into your CMS Builder database. This powerful plugin lets you do one-time imports, sync data with other systems, visually preview data before you import it, and much more. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Create PDF v1.10
updated Apr 24, 2024  |  tags: Official , Website Features
Build PDF's on the fly. With the easy-to-use developer functions, you can automate PDF generation from web pages, html code and even remote urls. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Website Comments v1.05
updated Oct 6, 2017  |  tags: Official , Website Features
Add "Comments" to any page or section of your website in minutes. Members can post comments and email subscribe to comment threads. (NEW! Now supports uploads so you can optionally allow users to attach files to their comment). read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Convert to Text v1.02
updated Oct 26, 2020  |  tags: Official , Admin Utilities
Automatically extract text from uploaded files for easy keyword searching. Files types that can be converted to text include: pdf, doc, html, htm, ppt, ocx, pptx, xls, xlsx, ods read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Report Builder v1.03
updated Sep 1, 2017  |  tags: Official , Admin Utilities
Create custom reports in minutes that your users can view from within the CMS or download directly as CSV. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Outgoing SMS v1.07
updated Oct 5, 2022  |  tags: Official , Admin Utilities , Email & Messaging
Sends text messages to cell phones, either immediately or via a queue for bulk messaging. Uses an SMS gateway. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Low Disk Space Alert v1.00
updated Sep 24, 2009  |  tags: Official , Admin Utilities
Notifies you by email the moment your server's disk space falls below a certain threshold, allowing you to avoid a multitude of potential problems. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Auto Backup v1.04
updated Mar 5, 2015  |  tags: Official , Admin Utilities
Automatically create hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly MySQL database backups, maintain historical database "snapshots" that you can restore from if needed, and even automatically email backups offsite.. read more >>
Unlimited Use: Free Download Mail v1.07
updated Oct 25, 2023  |  tags: Official , Admin Utilities , Email & Messaging
Automatically download mail from any email account right into your CMS. Supports text, html, and even file attachments. Add an incoming email gateway to your application for: ticketing systems, posting articles by email, receiving file attachments, etc. read more >>
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