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We make easy to use, private label content management software for updating and enhancing websites. Whether you resell our software to your clients, or use it on your own website, our products will save you time, save you money, and give you a competitive edge.12 Reasons to choose us...

Our Promise

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We don't just want you to use CMS Builder, we want you to love it. That's why you can count on everything from active community support forum to a 90-day money back guarantee.

Call us at 1-800-752-0455, we promise you won't be disappointed.

Meet the Team

interactivetools.com is made up of enthusiastic and dedicated people. Below you'll find a picture of each team member and a few details about what they do here and in their spare time.

Dave Edis Dave Edis - Senior Programmer and Founder (22 years experience)
Dave is both the creative and technical force behind our products. Prior to founding interactivetools he worked for a number of web agencies building software for financial institutions and government agencies. Dave is a proud father to 4 boys and disputes that Damon is the office squash champion.

Damon Edis Damon Edis - Programmer / Operations Manager (19 years experience)
Damon is the undisputed interactivetools squash champion! He was the target of the infamous "post-it prank". (In the top five search results in Google at one point.)

Theo Wiersma Theo Wiersma - Programmer (19 years experience)
Theo is a grizzled veteran of web development - sometimes he scares us with his tales of the olden days (the 1990's :). In his spare time he plays video games, runs Role Playing Games, and is a (very) part-time writer.

Ross Fairbairn Ross Fairbairn - Programmer / Consulting Specialist (14 years experience)
An IT graduate and former freelance web developer, he was also once the A&W "Root Bear" mascot. Now he's into Curling (a winter ice sport) and avoids plush costumes.

Robin Brayer Robin Brayer - Programmer (17 years experience)
Robin has had IT roles in a huge variety of industries: Heavy Machinery, Education, Industrial, and Film. And because of this, Robin has also had many job titles over the years. So for fun, we have combined all his previous job titles into one:
Senior Database Network Software Applications Specialist Developer Engineer

Greg Thomas Greg Thomas - Programmer (9 years experience)
Greg is from the Oxford in England. He went to the University of Leeds and got a degree in Aviation Technology then worked as a helicopter planning engineer for a couple of years afterwards. Decided he didn't enjoy that, so after a year of working and traveling around North America, he got into web development. After living and working in Vancouver in 2009 he liked it so much he came back.

Daryl Maximo Daryl Maximo - Programmer (9 years experience)
Daryl is from the Philippines and worked as a freelance web developer for various companies in the US before immigrating to Canada. Before moving to Vancouver, he spent 4 years working as a technical manager for a web development company. Daryl has a young son and he is eagerly looking forward to the day when they can play Minecraft together!

And just in case you were wondering, that's over 109 years total combined experience (and over 500 cups of coffee a year!) :)