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What we do

We're experts at content management solutions. If you're a web developer you can hire us to integrate our content management tools into your client's website. We work completely behind the scenes. We do all the work, you take all the credit.

Who's it for

Developers: Add huge value to your client projects. As Private Label Software, you can even rename the program so you won't need to compete with our prices!

Web designers: Send us your client approved design or HTML mockup and we'll convert it to a fully database driven website complete with content management software that your client will absolutely love.

Resell our services and make money!

We do the work, you take all the credit. Have us set up your client's site for you, while you remain the only contact between you and your client. You resell the project to your client for a profit!

Common projects

Single pages: For just $100, we can give you complete control over a single page or section of your website, such as your blog or company info page.

Complete website bundles: We can automate most websites for between $500 to $1000. Your whole website powered by our easy-to-use web-based content management system. Contact us for a quote.

Custom Services: Our product specialists can help you get the most from the software. Typical custom projects include:

  • Adding custom data to PDF's inside CMS Builder. (invoices, certificates, etc).
  • Client and project management.
  • Code streamlining and performance improvements.
  • Comments or Favorites scripts
  • Creating Social Networks and blogging systems.
  • Custom plugins.
  • Forums
  • Google Adsense or Analytics
  • Google Maps
  • Image manipulation via PHP/GD library.
  • RSS Feeds
  • Shopping Carts and eCommerce
  • Slide shows.
  • Telephone training/walkthrough
  • Upgrades & Server Moves

Whether it's a tutorial you saw featured in our forum or newsletter, or something you dreamed up yourself, we can help you get your site exactly how you want it!

Our Rates and Availability

We provide written fixed rate quotes for all projects with estimates by component or section. Our project quotes are very competitive.

We are usually booked anywhere from 1-2 weeks in advance but can often accommodate rush projects as needed. Let us know your schedule and we'll do everything we can to make it work!

Request a Free Estimate

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Writing you a quick note to say THANK YOU in all caps! I have been working with your company on various projects for 2 years and over that period, I have always heard a smile when speaking with everyone and anyone at your company on the phone and always read a smile in the emails. No matter how small or large the question, there is nothing but upbeat, happy to helpful responses. That means so much and has secured my business with your company. This doesn't even touch on the extensive knowledge that your people have to support your products. I have hired you a few times now and the response and quality of the work never meets, it always exceeds expectations. We will continue to do business with your company!
William Avon

I was a skeptic when I purchased your services, and although we are only a few days into my project, I am a true believer now. Your staff is friendly, responsive, timely, and really know their stuff. It was worth every penny, and to be honest, you should probably charge double (very happy you don't!!!!)
Alex Smith

Interactivetools is a true partner with a dedicated staff that gets the job done with excellent professionalism and at an affordable price. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that find themselves in the same situation as me. You guys rock.....
Libis R. Bueno