Download Mail

Name: Download Mail
Version: 1.07 (Released: Oct 25, 2023 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v3.61
Price:  Free
Download:  Login to download

Automatically download mail from any email account right into your CMS. Supports text, html, and even file attachments. Add an incoming email gateway to your application for: ticketing systems, posting articles by email, receiving file attachments, etc.


This plugin allows you to add incoming mail functionality to your websites or applications. You can setup a custom email address (or multiple) and receive content directly into your CMS via email.

Some examples of this are:
- support ticket systems
- posting articles by email
- receiving attachments or uploads via email
- syndicating email content (reposting incoming email content to your site or to other services)
- aggregating email content (collecting or publishing content received from multiple email sources)
- integrating with 3rd party applications (using received emails to trigger internal processes)
- allow email responses (replying to an automatic "you've received a comment" email could post a response)
- and much more...

You can check multiple email accounts and download mail from all the common mail server types including POP3, IMAP, GMail and Google Apps.

The download mail process can easily be triggered or automated by using:
- The "Download Mail" link in the plugins menu (mostly for testing)
- A stand-alone command-line (example provided in the plugin menu)
- A stand-alone web url (example provided in the plugin menu)
- A scheduled process or cron-job

As emails are received they are tagged with a special "source account" field to indicate which account they were downloaded from and converted into database records with fields for: From, To, Subject, Message Text, Message HTML, Attachments, Source Account and Headers.

You can use the downloaded messages as-is, viewing them in the CMS or you can build a more full featured application. Once in the database all the standard CMS Builder features are available. Meaning you can have the images automatically resized and thumbnailed, you can browse or search the emails through the editor, and even use the Code Generator to generate viewer code to display the email content in your website or application.

We provide code examples on how to download new mail from within your own application or web page (using only two lines of code) and even a sample stand-alone script that can be extended easily with your own custom code to be run when new emails are downloaded.

Please Note: This plugin requires the PHP imap extension (with ssl support for secure mail servers). Most web hosts have this extension but please check with your web host or us if you are not sure if you have it.

Key Features

  • Support GMail, POP3 (most common), and IMAP
  • Supports downloading from multiple email accounts (no limit)
  • Every message is tagged with the source account name
  • Download mail via cron-job, scheduled process, web url, or command-line
  • Message attachments are automatically imported as CMS uploads

Customer Quotes

This really cool and much easier to use than I thought. The sky is the limit with this add-on. Great job!
Maurice Kuhr
Download Mail was a lifesaver! We used it to automatically download email job applications directly into our CMS saving our client hours of data-entry time every week. This was very crucial to a project and it works great!
Solomon Thimothy