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Hi, all. After my client has logged in to CMSB and chosen the section that they want to update, they get redirected to the login page again. They're stuck in a login loop that they can't get out of! Any idea what might be causing this, please? I can't replicate their problem, as I'm able to login and create or edit pages without any issues.

They're running v3.54 of CMSB.

It looks as if their server could use a PHP upgrade anyway, but that doesn't explain why CMSB works for me, but not them.



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Probably too simple to be the case, but clearing their cache sometimes does wonders in solving issues.

Give it a try,

There's also a recipe in my CMSB Cookbook that helped with a login loop using the Website Membership plugin


Good luck

Jerry Kornbluth

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Thanks for this suggestion, Jerry. Sadly, this didn't work for us :-(

Thanks, Dave. I'll forward these suggestions to my client.

By Codee - April 27, 2023

Hi CommonSenseDesign,

Just wondering as some of a client's clients were running in to this. We were banging our heads when I realized I had upgraded CMSB and plugins to a newer version and so the slight customization to the landing page after login (website membership plugin) was reset to CMSB's default ("/") instead of to ("client_welcome.php").  Took hours and stress to figure out and about 2 seconds to correct. ;-)

Thanks so much for this tip! I'll give it a go to see if it fixes the problem on my own site!