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User-submitted Add Ons have been created by both staff and customers who have found unique ways to enhance and extend the capabilities of CMS Builder. We are really proud to be part of a community that is as enthusiastic about our software as we are, and who consistently develop new ways to use and extend the software.

If there is an Add-On you would like to see here, please submit one or let us know!

NOTE: User-Submitted Add Ons are not officially supported, but you can check the forum for information and discussion.

by Chris -  |  Unlimited Use: Free Developer Console v1.07
updated Oct 5, 2022  |  tags: , Admin Utilities
Allows you execute MySQL queries, command shell queries, and PHP code and view their output directly from within the CMS. For advanced users only! read more >>
by Dave Edis -  |  Unlimited Use: Free Save & Copy Button v1.10
updated Oct 10, 2018  |  tags: , CMS Interface
Add "Save & Copy" button to edit pages that copies a record and its uploads. read more >>
by Chris -  |  Unlimited Use: Free Modify Homepage v1.00
updated Oct 25, 2010  |  tags: , CMS Interface
Allows you to customize the page that users see after logging into CMS Builder. You can change the title and content HTML, or redirect to another section! read more >>
by Chris -  |  Unlimited Use: Free Grey Hidden Records v1.01
updated May 9, 2016  |  tags: , CMS Interface
Changes the colour of records on the list page to grey if their "hidden" field is checked. Includes option to add specific fields with custom conditions for greying out records. Examples: if "date" is older than today and if "task" is complete. read more >>
by Dave Edis -  |  Unlimited Use: Free Create Record Here v1.03
updated Jan 4, 2019  |  tags: , CMS Interface
Allow users to choose where new records should be inserted in manually sorted record lists. read more >>
by Chris -  |  Unlimited Use: Free Add Apply Button v0.05
updated Jan 4, 2022  |  tags: , CMS Interface
Adds an "Apply" button beside "Save" buttons read more >>
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