Simulated VCARD Address

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Name: Simulated VCARD Address
Version: 2.00 (Released: Apr 14, 2014)
Requires:  CMS Builder v2.00 +
Author: Michael Habenicht  
Price:  Free
Download:  Login to download

Combines values from address, address_2, city, state, zip fields on record save to created data field for VCARD address. Works in conjunction with the user-submitted "QR Code Generator v1.01".



1) IMPORTANT: follow the instructions below!
2) Add the block of code below starting on line 34 and ending on line 45 to your team members' details page - where ever you wish it to appear.
3) in your Team Members section editor create a new textbox field named "vcard_address" and click modify. Next under "Advanced Options" check "Disable auto-formatting (don't add break tags to content)" and click save.
4) Within this add-on change 'our_team' within line 23 to your 'staff', 'personnel', or what ever personnel section editor record you've created for your team members.
5) Once you've added the block of code below to your team members' details page and created your textbox field named "vcard_address" - delete the lines of code 31 through 47 within this add-on before uploading it to the "plugins" directory. Now activate the plugin via CMS Builder. If your staff members already exist, you'll need to re-save all their records again to trigger the 'vcard_address' creation.

There's a block of code you'll use for the QR Code included in the Add-on.
I hope you find this useful,