4 for $400 CMS Builder Sale and CMS Builder Updates - Newsletter #124 - Oct.2014

1. CMS Builder 4 pack sale (until Oct.10th)
2. CMS Builder Updates: 2.60 to 2.63
3. Welcome to Claire!
4. News from the Forum
5. Developer Resources & Useful Links
1. CMS Builder 4 pack sale (until Oct.10th)
CMS Builder 3-packs on Sale for $299.91 (until Dec.20th) Our much anticipated 4-pack for $400 is back! Save 50% on any 4-pack purchase of CMS Builder for one week only. Don't miss out - buy now and Save on purchases of 4 (each license for only $99.97!). Take advantage of a total savings of $400 off the regular CMS Builder price.

Place an order or if you have any questions, give us a call (toll free 1-800-752-0455), send us an email, or post in the forum. We're always here to help you out!

2. CMS Builder Updates: 2.60 to 2.63
New Chrome Plugin: PHP Error Alert

Here is a brief overview of all the CMS Builder updates since our last newsletter:
Version 2.63:
- Upload Settings: Upload dir and url now shows live path preview for relative paths
- Upload Settings: New admin section "Server Upload Settings" shows PHP settings to assist in identifying server issues

Version 2.62
- Code Generator: Added new code generator for Category Menus
- Email Templates: Added new fields for: CC, BCC, and Reply-to
- Security: Added new "Security Settings" section under: Admin, General Settings
- Security: Custom generated "Security Tips" for the current server and connection are now displayed in red under "Security Settings"
- Security: Numerous security enhancements and new features

Version 2.61
- Update MySQL library to address security vulnerability introduced in v2.60

Version 2.60
- Field Editor: MySQL indexes can be added with a checkbox setting to speed up searches and sorting
- Field Editor: All MySQL Indexes for a table show are now shown under: Field Editor > Advanced (tab)
- Field Editor: Select from five different column types (or enter a custom type) to optimize data storage in MySQL
- Field Editor: MySQL column type and index status is now shown on field list page (for advanced users)
- CMS & Viewer Search: Added support for multi-value OR searches by adding [ ] after fieldname (see docs & section editor search tab)

That was just the brief overview. For a full list of the many, many changes, take a look at the CMS Builder changelog.

CMS Builder users can upgrade by donation.

3. Welcome to Claire!

Welcome to the team Claire!Claire is originally from Cork, Ireland. She acquired a degree in Geology by mistake, but eventually found her way into IT and has been happily coding (and breaking) websites ever since. She has a particular fondness for PHP, the Google Maps API, and building web apps based on ideas that sound silly at first. She does 16th century Italian sword-fighting in her spare time.

Welcome to the team Claire!

4. News from the Forum

News from the Forum Searching and sorting: Greg explains how to to change the default sort order for search results to something else.

Zicky provides Countdown to Event if date greater then NOW code. Plus, he includes a uses jQuery version for active countdown without page refresh.

5. Developers Resources & Useful Links
Developers Resources & Useful Links What is #shellshock? Learn more about the vulnerability in GNU's bash shell and how to test if your host is vulnerable:

Instructions for how to take a screenshot easily for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. :

Fun & Funky 404 Error Page Designs:

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