CMSB v3.62 Beta 1 - New Mailer and Improved Section Editor Sorting (UPDATE: Beta 2 Released)

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CMSB v3.62 Beta 1 - New Mailer and Improved Section Editor Sorting

By zaba - October 7

Hi Dave,

I can set up a clean install, and a new email account for sending smtp mail. I can test SSL and Non-SSL with this.

I will have time on Monday to do this. I will report back as soon as I have anything.

I will use the password reset to test.

CMSB v3.62 Beta 1 - New Mailer and Improved Section Editor Sorting

By Dave - October 7

Hi Zaba,  Ok, great, thanks so much for your help!  

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Dave - October 7

Hi All, 

We've just released Beta 2 here:

Instead of using the PHPMailer defaults, we're now using a default encoding of UTF-8 which should correctly display non-English characters, and we're now using a message encoding of "quoted-printable" which should better support older email servers and clients.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

CMSB v3.62 Beta 1 - New Mailer and Improved Section Editor Sorting

By zaba - October 9

I can confirm that both SSL and Non-SSL work perfectly with a clean installation.

Can this be set to work with the Form Generator plugin?


CMS Builder v3.62 (Build 2408)

PHP v8.2.9

MariaDB v10.6.15

By Deborah - October 9

Hi, Dave.

Glad to see the mailer switch - that change must have required a bit of work!

I tested the new mailer with SSL (that's all I have to test with) and it worked for the password reset process and for sending the "Errors Reported" email.

Thanks! ~ Deborah

By Steve99 - October 9 - edited: October 10

Hi Dave,


One thing I've noticed while testing PHPMailer using the sendMessage function is sending will fail if "CC" or "BCC" headers are set without values ('CC' isn't a valid email!; 'BCC' isn't a valid email!).

Usage context, in our CMS installations we provide optional text fields for users to add email addresses as "CC" or "BCC". The previous mailer implementation would simply ignore these headers if no values were set. I'm sure we could modify our process to create the headers array dynamically, but would prefer not needing to patch all instances. Otherwise it seems to work well!

Section Editor Sorting:

Very nice! This functionality would be great for the Fields portion as well.

Thanks Dave!


By Dave - October 11

Hi All, 

Thanks for your feedback and testing!  This is a critical component so I'm glad we had your help to test it on multiple servers before release.

Zaba: Yes, the Form Generator plugin will automatically start using the new mailer as this hooks in behind the scenes to our sendMessage() function.

Deborah: Thanks for confirming that works, and yes, it was a good couple of days of work! :-)

Steve: Good find, I'll patch that right away.

I'll push out the official release shortly.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Dave - October 12

Hi All, 

We've released the official version here with a few additional bug fixes:

Thanks so much for your help, we've got some cool new features in development for future releases as well, more info on that to come!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer