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By andreasml - June 24, 2022


I notice that some posts do not have the Reply.option. Is it something that is done automatically after some time or it can be changed by the administrator / user?

Also, in my Forum, clicking the Profile option leads to a 404 page. Is it something I should do?



By andreasml - June 28, 2022

Hi Daniel.

Thanks for the assistance. It does work. As it regards the profile page, I thought that I could use the "My Account" page of the CMSB (/admin.php?menu=_myaccount) which is alright to me but I would prefer it without the menu on the left. Is it possible?

Kind regards


By daniel - June 29, 2022

Hi Andreas,

Yes, you can use the "My Account" page for managing user profiles, but only if your Website Membership plugin is set to use the "accounts" table. If your front-end logins use a custom user table (WSM_ACCOUNTS_TABLE setting in websiteMembership.php), then you'll need to also use the front-end profile page.

I don't believe there's a built-in way for hiding the CMSB menu, but it would be relatively simple to use the admin_head action in a plugin to output some CSS or JS to hide it under certain conditions, e.g. for non-admin users, or when "?menu=_myaccount". 

To hide the entire left navigation, you could add something like this:

    .navbar-content {
      display: none;
    .main-content {
      margin-left: 0;

Or to just hide the CMS menu, something like this:

    .main-navigation-menu {
      display: none;

Let me know if you have any more questions!


Technical Lead