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By buttermilk - July 16, 2014

Hello all,

I can't seem to get custom upload directories working on version 2.62. I never had this issue with previous versions, so maybe something has changed that I've missed.

My Website Root Directory is "/home/studioz/public_html" and I'm trying to upload images to  the /images/ directory in the root folder.

My custom upload folder setting in the section editor is set like this:

directory path: /home/studioz/public_html/images/
folder url: /images/

I'm getting two kinds of errors. One tells me to turn off flash uploader, the other is that nothing actually uploads and the image preview is an empty image box.

Am I making a common mistake here? These settings worked on previous versions (unless I'm on crazy pills here). Somebody please set me straight.


By Dave - July 21, 2014

Hi Ian, 

Have you tried relative file paths?  Try: 



Let me know if that works for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By KCMedia - July 21, 2014

Hi Dave

i dont think it has anything to with the paths it is the same issue i reported in the new release with the flash uploader.



KC Media Solutions

By buttermilk - July 22, 2014

Well, after leaving the problem and coming back to it, I was surprised to find it working. I'm not sure what happened, but it's uploading properly now. These are the upload directories that worked:


Craig, I've had the same flash uploader problems you've experienced. That is, I cannot use the flash uploader when on Firefox (I get a message asking me to disable it).



By Dave - July 24, 2014

Hi All, 

The latest firefox doesn't work with even older versions of the flash uploader.  We're working on a fix.

If you're getting this issue, try disabling this setting as Djulia suggests:

Check Referer [ ] Warn on external referers/links and require internal referer to submit data to CMS.

And if it still doesn't work, post back and let me know what error you're still getting.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer