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By Deborah - February 18, 2014

This is odd, but I cannot view the WYSIWYG editor with any system setup or browser combo on two v2.60 installs. I've even viewed using a remote testing service, so I know it's not a local caching issue.

(see screenshot attached)

Does anyone else have this happening?

~ Deborah


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By Deborah - February 19, 2014

Hi, Greg. I've sent through that 2nd level support request with more details. Basically, I've tried every browser I can, including my iPad and still can't view the WYSWYG.

I appreciate you looking into it. Must be something unique with my installations, because I don't see anyone else posting about this.

~ Deborah

By Djulia - March 21, 2014

Hi Greg,

I have a customer who has the same problem.

It is difficult to find the origin, because I am not able to reproduce this behavior on our work stations.

It uses a proxy server, it is perhaps the origin.

Do you have a beginning of response?



By gregThomas - March 24, 2014

Hi Djulia, 

The most likely issues is that wysiwyg content is being gzipped twice. It could well be that the proxy server is gzipping the content again before it's sent to the workstations. 

The best way around this is to disabled the gzipping feature, you'll have to make a change to the CMS Builder core code to get this working.

If you open cmsAdmin/3rdParty/tiny_mce/tiny_mce_gzip.php, around line 213 you should see this line:

    $supportsGzip = $this->settings['compress'] && !empty($encoding) && !$zlibOn && function_exists('gzencode');

if you change it to this:

    $supportsGzip = false;

This will ensure that gzip isn't used to shrink the WYSIWYG content, and should stop the issue from happening.

If this doesn't work, you can fill out a second level support request here:


Then I'll take a closer look into the issue. 



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com