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By CommonSenseDesign - June 12, 2013

Hi, All.

My client has been having a problem recently with CMSB on her site: http://www.castlekilbride.ca. This is what's happening:

1. She types content into a new multi-record record of the cms.

2. She clicks the "Save" button.

3. She ends up back at the multi-record index page of the cms.

4. The listing she created isn't visible on the "Title" list in this section of the cms.

It's only been happening for about a week, even though the site and cms was set up a few years ago (version 2.06).

Does anyone know why this might be happening, please?

By kitsguru - June 12, 2013

If you are using cpanel and mod_security, I had  similar issues and needed to add mod security whitelist entries. You find the errors by viewing the mod security log.

Jeff Shields

By CommonSenseDesign - June 13, 2013

Thanks, Greg and kitsguru. I'll look into the hosting issue.