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Hi, All.

My client has been having a problem recently with CMSB on her site: http://www.castlekilbride.ca. This is what's happening:

1. She types content into a new multi-record record of the cms.

2. She clicks the "Save" button.

3. She ends up back at the multi-record index page of the cms.

4. The listing she created isn't visible on the "Title" list in this section of the cms.

It's only been happening for about a week, even though the site and cms was set up a few years ago (version 2.06).

Does anyone know why this might be happening, please?

By kitsguru - June 12, 2013

If you are using cpanel and mod_security, I had  similar issues and needed to add mod security whitelist entries. You find the errors by viewing the mod security log.

Jeff Shields

By gregThomas - June 13, 2013


If this has just suddenly started happening, the most likely that something has changed on the server. As kitguru said, it could be that your hosting company has enabled mod security, or they could have installed suhosin, or enabled safe_mode. I would contact your hosting company and ask if any of these have been installed or enabled on the server. If you fill out a second level support request, I can take a look into the issue. You can can find the form here:


Let me know if you have any questions.



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

Thanks, Greg and kitsguru. I'll look into the hosting issue.