latest cmsb v3.64 continuously log out (from front and back)

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I just build a mini web-app using the latest cmsb v3.64 (Build 2461) and website membership v1.14, changed the Security setting > Login Timeouts to 2 hours (or 120 minutes) but the app after almost anything i do front or back end, always log me off very quicky

CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009, MariaDB v10.5.22, PHP v8.1.26

Any suggestion is appreciated,

Hi Karls, 

If you need to manually change the login timeout back you can do it by modifying /data/settings.dat.php

To diagnose the issue I'd examine the cookies being returned by the program and what the date on them is.  

If you want to fill out a second level support request I can take a look for you.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Hi Dave,

Thank you, I opened a ticket to second level support.


Hi Karlz,

Did this get fixed/corrected? What was the final analysis? Thank you.

Thank you for letting us know. Cheers!

If anyone is still having issues with this fill out a support request or send me an email and we'll check it out for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

On a linux server, the /tmp directory is the default location for php sessions. This directory is cleared whenever it hits a threshold or by any number of processes. This means any session variables can be purged at inconvenient times. This is even more annoying on a shared server.

In CMSB prior to 3.67, there is an option in general settings to set a custom tmp directory. HOME directories have there own tmp directories, so setting the cmsb tmp to ~/tmp will mitigate the issue of random logout or missing CSR tokens.

The $HOME/tmp directory Is not purged except on a server restart. Sessions will expire at appropriate times set by the expiry date and are not purged by other processes. You can purge the directory manually or set a cron job to automatically prune this directory if desired.

Jeff Shields