Image Watermark plugin constantly erroring, but seems to work

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By Codee - September 11, 2023

Hello IT, 

I am utilizing the image watermarking function on two websites, in which there is a lot of errors going into the developer log. For both sites the CMSB version is currently v3.57 (Build 2312) [ and not wanting to update for a while longer ].  The watermark plugin is version 1.01.  

Here's the type of error being produced:

"E_DEPRECATED: Implicit conversion from float 28.5 to int loses precision" and the only differences b/n the errors is the float number (usually from 25.5 to 28.5).

So, what is happening here?

By Codee - September 12, 2023 - edited: September 12, 2023

Perfect. Thank you, Dave! line is that on?

By Dave - September 16, 2023

Hi Codee, 

Sorry for the delay, I'm not sure what line but it should say in the error log.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer