Image Watermark plugin constantly erroring, but seems to work

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By Dave - September 12, 2023

Hi Codee,

Looks like the plugin's probably doing some resizing work, either on the image or the watermark. In the process, it's likely performing calculations that result in floating-point numbers—think numbers with decimals like 310.6 pixels for a new width. What happens next is that this number gets truncated to an integer, essentially dropping the decimal and giving us a whole number like 310 pixels.

You're seeing that "loss of precision" warning because newer PHP versions flag this as something you might wanna be aware of. It's PHP's way of saying, "Hey, you're losing some data here."

The good news? You can safely ignore this warning. If you want to mute it, just add an '@' in front of the PHP function that's causing it.

Let me know if that clears things up or if you have more questions.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Codee - September 12, 2023 - edited: September 12, 2023

Perfect. Thank you, Dave! line is that on?

By Dave - September 16, 2023

Hi Codee, 

Sorry for the delay, I'm not sure what line but it should say in the error log.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer