CMSB v3.59 Released (PHP 8 now required)

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By Dave - June 2, 2023

Hi everyone, 

We've just released CMS Builder v3.59, this is the official release with a few more fixes since the last beta release.  

This is mostly a maintenance release with some PHP 8.x fixes and performance improvements.

Here's the changelog: 

*** June 2, 2023 - Version 3.59 (PHP 8 now required)

- This software version REQUIRES: PHP 8.0+ and MySQL 5.5+

- Server Info: "Admin > General > Server" has been updated to display more info about server
- Server Info: "Admin > General > Server" now provides links for viewing MySQL status and variables
- Backups: CMS Backups are now created as temp files and renamed on completion to prevent partial backups on error
- Translations: Added some additional text to the translation system
- Viewers: date searches now work with special createdDate and updatedDate fields
- Languages: Made some additional text translatable

- MySQL 8 Support: Renamed _cron_log table column "function" to "functionName" (reversed name)
- Database: Fixed bug where MariaDB 'null' defaults in backups couldn't be restored in MySQL
- Swift Mailer: Fixed some additional PHP 8.x warnings and errors.
- Fixed minor bug in SVG detection causing false positives in non-SVG images
- Developer Log: Removed Symbol Table as PHP 8 set_error_handler() function no longer supports it
- Libraries: Updated HTML Purifier from 4.14 to 4.15
- Remove /3rdParty/PHP_Compat/ PHP compatibility libraries that aren't required with PHP 8
- Prevented "Erase" button from appearing on Single Record Sections where it's not functional.
- Updated CA Root Certificates in /3rdParty/cacert.pem - used by curl_ functions.
- Additional PHP 8.x support fixes
- Misc Code and other minor improvements.

You can download the latest version here:

Please post any feedback, questions, or bugs you find! Thanks! 

Thanks! :) 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By kitsguru - July 10, 2023

It may have been a custom mod on my part that I did not document. It is a very handy mod.


function _getColumnDisplayValueAndAttributes($fieldname, &$record) {
  global $schema, $tableName;
  $fieldValue  = @$record[$fieldname];
  $fieldSchema = @$schema[ $fieldname ];
  if ($fieldSchema) { $fieldSchema['name'] = $fieldname; }

  // default display value and attribute
  if (!is_array($fieldValue)) { $fieldValue = htmlencode($fieldValue); }
  $displayValue = $fieldValue;

  //$tdAttributes = "style='text-align:left'";
  $tdAttributes = "style='text-align:left' data-column='$fieldname'"; // JAS mod

Jeff Shields

By kitsguru - July 10, 2023

Another mod I find useful is adding a clearfix to the tabgroup to prevent unsightly display when displaying some text in a separator tab

## cmsb/lib/fieldtypes/tabGroup.php

around line 40

$html .= '<div class="tab-content clearfix" id="sectionTabContent">'; // JAS add clearfix

Jeff Shields

By Dave - July 10, 2023

Hi Jeff, 

Ok, thanks.  I've added both of those changes and released BETA 2 here:

Let me know any further feedback on that thread.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer