Clients easily optimizing photos?

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By gkornbluth - February 2, 2023

Hi rez,

So is the problem that the file size is too large and take too long to upload? 

I assume you have the 'Maximum upload size:' unchecked in the field editor for the image in question.

Jerry Kornbluth

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By rez - February 2, 2023

The problem is that photos need to be limited to a reasonable web optimized size. For instance, 500kb, depending on the situation. However, most clients want to take a picture and upload it quickly and not go to their computer or other process. 

If they take a shot with their phone, it will most likely be a couple of megabytes. I would not want them to upload it unlimited. I know that CMSB has a quality setting and does some optimization but in my experience, the photos become blurry pretty fast yet are not a small file size efficiently. Am I wrong?

I can easy get most large photos looking crisp and minimal compression at 300kb max, exporting from photoshop. CMSB doesn't do this well.

Should I revisit? That has always been my results. Blurry or too large.

By rez - February 2, 2023

Oops. I deleted the wrong post.

Thanks Jerry. I will try unlimited and the different global quality settings and see how those results are. Maybe I can get a nice result and had something set wrong in the past. I usually maintain the sites myself and don't have an issue optimizing with Photoshop. I just tried setting on unlimited and got a 1.6 megabyte to 300kb at 800x600 pixels. I guess I can't expect Photoshop results, I just know I can get that same photo size and quality smaller.

Over all though, 300kb isn't so bad, that just seems large for such a small photo. I'll try some different sizes and CMSB qualities.

I recently just tried someone's Wix site and the photo features were fantastic so came to see what others were doing here.  

By Codee - February 23, 2023

Hi Rez,

I've dealt with similar issues off and on for a time. A couple of thoughts that have helped me. When it comes to the inhouse scaling I try to set my max width and height sizes so that the ratios are consistent. Typically I use a 2 x 3 (for profile) or a 3 x 2 (for landscape) ratio on all thumbnail sizes.  And, more recently, I started using the webP options with CMSB.  WebP looks GREAT online, they scale terrifically, and the file size is very small compared to .png and .jpg.  I think that webP averages about 25% of the jpeg's filesize.