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By Codee - September 29, 2022

Hello I.T.,

What's the possibility, and probability, that the Email Templates section of CMSB have the "Save and Copy" function such as the section editors have?  Sometimes it would be great to be able to do a copy from an already built one and then just remove or change a few pieces, instead of starting from scratch for each one.

Thank you for the consideration.

By daniel - October 10, 2022

Hey Codee,

That's a great idea - the Email Templates could definitely benefit from the Save & Copy button. Here's a patch you can add to saveAndCopy.php to enable it; on line 21 change this:

  $addButton = isset($menuType) && ($menuType == 'multi' || $menuType == 'category') && ($action == 'add' || $action == 'edit');

To this:

  $addButton = isset($menuType) && ($menuType == 'multi' || $menuType == 'category' || $tableName == '_email_templates') && ($action == 'add' || $action == 'edit');

Try it out and let me know if you have any issues!


Technical Lead

By Codee - January 30, 2023


It works GREAT!!  Thank you!