"Save and Copy" function for Email Templates

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By daniel - October 10

Hey Codee,

That's a great idea - the Email Templates could definitely benefit from the Save & Copy button. Here's a patch you can add to saveAndCopy.php to enable it; on line 21 change this:

  $addButton = isset($menuType) && ($menuType == 'multi' || $menuType == 'category') && ($action == 'add' || $action == 'edit');

To this:

  $addButton = isset($menuType) && ($menuType == 'multi' || $menuType == 'category' || $tableName == '_email_templates') && ($action == 'add' || $action == 'edit');

Try it out and let me know if you have any issues!


Technical Lead

By Codee - January 30

Cool!  Thank you, Daniel!

*Also, I apologize for the delay in responding...I literally just saw your response for the first time this evening. I added your code modifications and will test it out in the coming days. Thanks again!

By Codee - January 30


It works GREAT!!  Thank you!