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By kitsguru - August 13

On the media library editor list, it would be helpful to have the width and height.

Jeff Shields

By daniel - August 16

Hey Jeff,

I'll also mention it's possible to specify thumbnail sizes for the media library be editing the upload field in the "Media Library" section (https://example.com/cmsb/admin.php?menu=database&action=editTable&tableName=_media). However, this thumbnail set is used site-wide for all media library items, which can be somewhat restrictive. I do think that more detailed size controls would be a helpful addition.

Technical Lead

By kitsguru - August 16

I use the same specific sizes for all my images in all my section editors to optimize for Bootstrap breakpoints and already adjusted the media library to match those values. I also take advantage of the picture element for a good responsive design experience. 

Not all the images start out the same size. I resize all imported originals to 1920x1920. The image may be smaller than this but I never want them bigger. My thumbs  are then set to


If I need to have a difference size say for a bio photo, I use a different upload field with different specs.

My section editors all have 'image' upload and 'document' upload. Some have a 'photo' upload and 'banner' upload. This setup allows a great deal of flexibility with very little overhead.

I have developed my app with modules for bios, blog, events, real estate listings, site owner info, ads, testimonials and several more. I can turn modules on and off for specific clients. All my configuration is done using yaml files.

I have approximately 35 clients using my app and am continually adding new options as clients request them.

The media library is a great addition, now I just need a document library for PDF files.

Jeff Shields