How to set a date field limitation

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By andreasml - January 22, 2022


In my section, there are date fields. I would like to set some limitations. For example the value of the field date_of_treatment should always be greater or equal than the value of the field date_of_admission. How can I do it?


Andreas Lazaris

By daniel - February 9, 2022

Hi Andreas,

Are you trying to apply these limits within the CMSB admin, or is it on a front-end form?


Technical Lead

By andreasml - February 9, 2022

Hi Daniel

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am trying to apply this limitation within the CMSB Admin environment.


By daniel - February 10, 2022

Hi Andreas,

I think the most effective way to accomplish this would be to set up some error checking in a plugin using the record_presave hook. This would let you prevent a record from saving if it doesn't meet the constraints you provide. Using this hook would look something like this:

addAction('record_presave', 'your_presave_function', null, 3);
function your_presave_function($tableName, $isNewRecord, $oldRecord) {

  if ($tableName == 'your_table_name') {
    $formValues = _getRecordValuesFromFormInput();
    if (strtotime($formValues['later_date_fieldname']) < strtotime($formValues['earlier_date_fieldname'])) {
      echo 'Error Message';



With this solution, you will need to set up your own date constraint conditions - I've given an example of how to require one date field to be "greater" than another, though you would still need to substitute the correct table/field names. This code would need to be in an active plugin to be executed by the CMS - there should be an example plugin by default in all CMSB installations called "samplePlugin.php"

Let me know if this helps, or if you have any other questions!


Technical Lead