Hide an editor field for all but top level categories

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By pixelMIGHT(Josh) - January 17, 2020


Is there a way to hide an editor field in the CMS Section  based upon it's level in the tree?

Specifically, I am creating a category menu to display service groups and the services within each group. 

1. "Accounting Services" will be level one and have an image. 

2. "Bookkeeping", "Budgeting", etc would be level 2 and not need an image. 

If need be, I'll just put a description above the upload field to let users know when to add an image and when not, but it would be a lot less confusing to them if the field was only there when they needed it. 


By pixelMIGHT(Josh) - January 17, 2020

In the interest of speed and due to my limited PHP knowledge, I've decided to go about these sections a different way. But it would still be interesting to know if a filed can e hidden in the editor by level. But only if the answer is simple. Please don't spend much time on it, if any. Thanks. 

By kitsguru - March 8, 2020

You can use the plugin Show/Hide Dependent Fields Plus

Jeff Shields