Languages not appearing in CMS correctly but are in database correct

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By Twocans - September 17, 2019

Hi yea,
I have a table (Table type is InnoDB ) I have multi languages in that table, when I view my db using navicat all is fine, but when I view the chinese etc in the cms wow the text appears as gobbledygook, see imagine attached.

Thanks for any input



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By Twocans - September 17, 2019

I believe the issue stems from the CMS as it is the latest download cmsbuilder_3_53_build2265_release, and I see it creates the tables as InnoDB and no longer as MYISAM as it did in the other cms I have used.Both the InnoDB and the MYISAM have the collation value utf8mb4_unicode_ci

In the past when I built multilingual I was able to use the MYISAM no bother. wow, if you can give me any tips on what I can set with the cms for the new InnoDB I would be grateful.



By daniel - September 17, 2019

Hi Kenny,

To my knowledge, the MyISAM vs. InnoDB shouldn't have a big impact on character encoding, so this is a curious issue. You mentioned in a previous thread that you were dealing with importing/exporting data - is that the case here? If so, is there anything different in your import/export process from when it worked previously? 

Let me know and I can hopefully offer some steps for troubleshooting.


Technical Lead

By Twocans - September 18, 2019

Hi yea,

I am very grateful for your help

I have the files here I did video screen capture plus the .ini.php etc thus kinda explaining a little my issue.

i have tried the simple export and then using import plugin but that didn't work if with me dragging over the .ini.php 

I have tried upteam ways doing it with navicat but always the gobblygook is there rather than languages. The only thing I feel is causing this is the table types have changed , I aim to specialise in multilingual thus want to be able to perfect my import export of specific parts aka iso codes etc. So I would be happy to know I can do this using either the import export plugin or wow navicat. 

Anyway I am grateful for ay input.



By Twocans - September 30, 2019

Daniel Thank you

I had tried what you mentioned but to no avail, BUT I have since discovered something.

OK my hosting company shifted some of my sites over the mariadb, that should not have made that much of a difference but on this occasion it did. as no matter what I did with the import export plugins etc and navicat 12 for mysql. anyway I purchased Navicat for mariadb, I exported the table which was working on one of my sites using this, then imported the csv using navicat for mariadb on my new site, and Bingo its perfect. I am totally confused as the csv are both the same, ok slight dif in date but that was easily changed. But the CSV itself opening it in notepad its the same as the one with mariaDB but the mariaDB export import works fine. Now all languages etc are no longer gobbledygook and are clear to be able to be read.

Sorry about the late reply I was away



By Twocans - March 26, 2020

Thank you Daniel,
Ok sorry for very late reply but wow, i had another poke at it and, here is

When using navicat to export records, navicat does so using a Binary Data Encoding in a listmenu of Base64, (in step 4 of the navicat export wizard)..... anyway I change that to None and bingo, all is fine.

Hope you guys are all well