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One of my client is using a server with php 5.3 and the server company will be updating it to 7.2 next month.

The CMSB I used is ver. 2.65 but the server will be updated to 7.2 from 5.3 so I need to update it before the php update is done or the website will not work.

Would anyone know which ver of CMSB works on php 7.2 and still be working with php 5.3?

If so, can I download that ver.?

I've tried CMSB ver. 3.05 when I first worked on the website, which didn't work and had to downgrade to 2.65.

Thank you.


Hi Jerry,

Thank you for the information!

Your CMSB Cookbook has always been a great help for me.

So if the server company cannot upgrade php to 5.6, then I'll just have to make a maintenance index page and work on the dramatic update.

Thank you again. I'll talk to the server company.


Any time, glad to help.

You might be able to access the site's PHP version through your host's control panel under something like the MultiPHP Manager.

Jerry Kornbluth

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