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By andreasml - July 2, 2019


I have noticed that the date-picker does not work when I use it in the Search field on the Editor list page of a section.

I have used the following script:

From Date of treatment|date_of_treatment|min
To Date of treatment|date_of_treatment|max

It seems that works fine except that when i click on the date-picker to put the date nothing happens.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards

Andreas M. Lazaris

By daniel - July 2, 2019

Hi Andreas,

I'm currently able to get the date picker working in my testing environment, but I hope that we can track down what's happening on your site. Could you let me know what version of CMSB you are using? Also, are you aware of any custom JavaScript being run on your CMSB section pages? 

Lastly, can you:

  1. Open up your browser's Developer Console (F12)
  2. Select the "Console" tab
  3. Reload the page with the date picker
  4. Attempt to use the date picker
  5. Screenshot/copy any errors that appear in the console?


Technical Lead

By andreasml - July 4, 2019

Hi Daniel

Thank you for your response. I am using the v3.50 (Build 2215) version of CMSB.

As it regards the solution you propose, I am using the Safari browser and I am not quite sure hot to proceed.

Just to mention that the Date picker works fine when it is used inside the various section. As i said in the previous message, it does not seem to work when it is included in the search query. 

Kind regards