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By Deborah - January 7, 2019

Hi. This question is for the Interactive Tools team...

Are there plans to integrate a built-in spellchecker again for TinyMCE? There was mention of using PHP's Enchant in this post of 07/2017:

I upgraded a client to 3.15 and they lost their spellcheck. Only workaround I know of is to have them install or enable a spellchecker in their browser. Is that right?

(Oddly, I've never installed a spellchecker in any of my three browsers and they all have spellcheck capability. Hmm.)

~ Deborah

By daniel - January 7, 2019

Hi Deborah,

I'm not sure how far Dave got in his research into the PHP Enchant module, but whether or not we are able to build Enchant support into a future CMSB version, it will depend on whether or not each individual web server also has the appropriate libraries installed, and so I would recommend also being aware of other spell checking options.

Firstly, as you noted, most browsers do support native spell checking. In the latest version of CMSB, TinyMCE should be configured to allow this native behaviour to function. I was able to use browser spellcheck in current IE, Chrome, and FireFox, using CMSB v3.50, so this may be a local issue with the computer your client is using.

Alternately, it may also be worth looking into browser plugins/add-ons. I personally use Grammarly (https://grammarly.com/).

Let me know if you have any further questions!


PHP Programmer

By Dave - January 8, 2019

Hi Deborah, 

A few additional comments on this.

We've found that the browser spell-checkers have progressed to the point where they are a lot better than the service-side alternatives these days.   We were previously disabling any browser spell checking just to implement our own, which wasn't even as good.  Additionally, from a user-experience point of view, we want the spellcheck functionality to be consistent for the user.  If they're used to spellcheck working a certain way everywhere else and then we change it, then that can be confusing.

So no plans to re-implement spellcheck.  We could add a button to explain to users how to enable it in their browser.

What browser is your client using?  Are they not getting automatic spell checking through their browser? 


Dave Edis - Senior Developer