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By kitsguru - September 17, 2018

When I edit a permalink in any table, it creates a record in the permalink DB with the Custom Source Url as "NULL" (a string). This causes the viewer to fail:

Notice: No 'Detail Page URL' set under: Admin > Section Editors > 'about' > Viewer Urls!

in /Volumes/J/@projects/jas/html/www/cmsb/plugins/permalinks/permalinks.php on line 290 Warning: include(/Volumes/J/@projects/jas/html/www): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /Volumes/J/@projects/jas/html/www/cmsb/plugins/permalinks/permalinks_dispatcher.php on line 26 Warning: include(): Failed opening '/Volumes/J/@projects/jas/html/www' for inclusion (include_path='/Volumes/J/@projects/jas/html/www/cmsb:/Volumes/J/@projects/jas/html/www/cmsb/3rdParty:.:/usr/local/Cellar/php@5.6/5.6.37/share/php@5.6/pear') in /Volumes/J/@projects/jas/html/www/cmsb/plugins/permalinks/permalinks_dispatcher.php on line 26

CMSB 3.14

Permalink 1.08

This only happens when the permalink is editted - not when initially saved. This did not happen with 3.12.

Both old and new reference show Custom Source Url as "NULL" 

Jeff Shields

By kitsguru - September 17, 2018

Working on my development machine, removed all plugins except permalink. Same issue. Updated to 3.15 no change.

I have a client site that hasn't gone live that is showing the same issue. I will set something up for you to test and send the credentials as request.

Jeff Shields