The CMSB cannot be installed!!!

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By andreasml - July 18, 2018


It has been a long time now since the CMSB has stopped working. I have updated to the last version and it stills cannot work. Any time I am trying to upload the existing database the following message appears:

mysqli: error setting character set utf8mb4: Can't initialize character set utf8mb4 (path: /usr/share/mysql/charsets/)

I have made a new installation and I would like to know how I will get on. You can see this here:

If I fill the details asked the above message will be presented.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Andreas Lazaris

By gregThomas - July 19, 2018

Hey Andreas,

Did you try contacting your hosting service with the updated script as mentioned in this previous post:

Also, it looks like you've updated the MySQL details, so these will also need updating in the script before you send your hosting service an email.



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -

By andreasml - August 3, 2018

Hello Greg!!

Following our communication about 1 month ago, about the problem with the utf8mb4 character set support.

Unfortunately, I have not come to a solution with my hosting company. I still keep on getting the following message on a blank page when I am trying to open the CMSB page: 

mysqli: error setting character set utf8mb4: Can't initialize character set utf8mb4 (path: /usr/share/mysql/charsets/)

I just found that in another post ( your colleague Daniel had suggested sending the latest CMSB version that doesn't require the unsupported character set. I wonder whether it would be a solution to my problem before I change to another hosting service.

Kind regards

Andreas Lazaris