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Last Post: June 19

By shawn - June 14

Hi Guys

I recently had to move a website from one hosting provider to another. Since setting everything up again, I'm experiencing some issues like:

- Logging in issues
- Reading / writing to database issues

Can I perhaps send details to someone who can possibly check that everything is correctly setup?

Kind regards


By leo - June 14

Hi Shawn,

We are glad to help you. However, we need some details to identify the issues:

1. What are the login issues and database issues specifically?

2. What steps did you take to create the issues?

3. What are the error messages showing for the issues?

If you have concerns about posting some of the information on the forum, you can always send them to support@interactivetools.com.


Leo - PHP Programmer (in training)

By shawn - June 15

Hi Leo,

So I've basically moved all website files and database over to a new hosting provider. 

1. When I try login using the correct login details, it reloads the page as if to log me in but doesn't. If I then click the "website name" on the left of the login fields it re-directs me into the system. Sometimes I don't even have to login, I just click the name and it allows me access. Logout doesn't seem to work at all.

2. I've tried clearing the database completely and doing a fresh install - same issues occur.

3. When I add/edit content it seems to write to the database correctly and tells me it saves correctly in CMS Builder, but doesn't seem to actually save the changes or show those changes on the website. 

4. Haven't seen any error messages at all. 

Kind regards