CMSB v3.12 Released - Pillbox Field - December 5th, 2017

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By Dave - December 5, 2017

Hi All,

We've just released v3.12 (and we're running it live on our website!).

Some of the new features to note are: 

  • New Pillbox Field: We've replaced the multi-select pulldown with select2 pillbox (see attached screenshot).  This displays selections as tags, lets users type in the field to "search" for options, and easily add and remove values.  Note that it still only allows you to select from the listed values, but it's much easier to use.
  • Legacy MySQL Scanner: A few people have asked for this.  This is an internal tool we've been using for detecting PHP/MySQL code that needs to be updated for PHP 7.  It has options to scan your plugins or an entire website.
  • Plugin Developers: Even for us, we're often looking for the best plugin hook to use.  We added a feature where if you're logged in as an admin user you can view-source on any CMS page to see a list of all plugin hooks available to be called.  
  • WYSIWYG: Added "Code Sample" button for showing formatted source code

Here's the complete changelog for v3.12:

*** December 5, 2017 - Version 3.12 (New multi-select pillbox field)

- This software version REQUIRES: PHP 5.6+ and MySQL 5.5+
- NOTE: Some plugins may need to be updated when upgrading from v2.xx

- New Pillbox Field: Replaced multi-select pulldown with select2 pillbox (searchable pulldown with tags)
- Legacy MySQL Scanner: Added new plugin for detecting PHP/mysql code that needs to be updated for PHP 7
- Plugin Developers: View-source on any CMS page to see a list of all plugin hooks available to be called
- WYSIWYG: Added "Code Sample" button for showing formatted source code

- Programmers: Added utility function: curl_post
- Plugin System: Added hooks for: listRow_html
- Fixed issue that caused uploads and uploads paths not to display correctly (bug in endWith() function)
- WYSIWYG: The "Browse" button on the insert link popup now shows an error message if uploads aren't enabled.
- WYSIWYG: Updated TinyMCE from v4.6.0 to v.4.7.2 (Released 2017-11-07)
- Misc Code and other minor improvements

You can download the latest version from our upgrade by donation at this page:

Please post any feedback, questions, or bugs you find! Thanks! 


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

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By mizrahi - March 20, 2018

Any reason you're not promoting the 3.13 release that's available?

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By Dave - March 23, 2018

Hi mizrahi, 

It was a pretty minor release and there wasn't a significant need to upgrade.  But I think that could be a little confusing so I'll be sure we post updates even for minor releases.  Thanks!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer
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By equinox - June 5, 2018

So I am testing this function on a new site:

-  scanning plugins works perfectly

- scanning the website crashes with a 500 error every time.  I am wondering where it selects the website address from?

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By equinox - June 5, 2018

As ALWAYS Dave...THANK YOU for your kind attention and assistance.  That's why I'll be a customer-for-life (even if I personally have had to slow down). Cheers!


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle." ~ Albert Einstein