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Uploadify has a html 5 version maybe Dave will consider that soonish ;-) ... the flash uploader is from uploadify too.


Peace and Long Life

By Dave - December 22, 2017

Hi All, 

HTML 5 uploader is top of our list for the next major feature.  Lack of flash support is annoying for us as well!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Were you to have an image uploader, it would be great were one able to also be able to have a watermark added to an image were it required.



By Deborah - March 2, 2018

Add an image crop feature and I'll be way too happy!

And if the crop feature allows me to set predefined constraints on width-to-height ratio when setting the image sizing/details... wow!

~ Deborah

By Damon - March 2, 2018

Hi Deborah,

Setting a predefined image crop (width and height) was added to CMS Builder in version 3.06.

For one of the thumbnail options, you check the crop checkbox and the image will be cropped to the set width and height.

Then you can use the cropped image just like you would any other thumbnail.

Is this what you had in mind?

Damon Edis -

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By Deborah - March 2, 2018

Hey, Damon.

Yes, I aware of and have sites currently taking advantage of that cropping feature. It works beautifully and I'm very happy to have that.

The issue I run into often is with sites where various admins are posting photos that aren't cropped nicely to start. They'll upload a photo with way too much sky or background clutter. Without allowing them to select the area to crop, it's possible to "lose a  head" (especially in a vertical shot) or crop out the focus of the image altogether if the cropping is dead center, as it is with the existing feature.

Allowing for the person uploading to choose the crop region would be ideal.

~ Deborah