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I know I can use a separator bar w/HTML to enter instructions or comments for a section editor, but it impedes my workflow to have to do so, because I end up spending more time than desired in setting special CSS rules for each install to make those special HTML separator blocks stand out in the user's editor as more than simply typed text. (Background color, heading color, bold font, border, etc.)

Most of my clients could benefit from a friendly tip or two for each section. I even forget the nuances of sections myself, as time goes by!

What I envision would be a new field type available when creating section editors (not a separator bar) that allows for the creation of an Instructions fields we can drag/drop above the sections that correlate. Those sections would allow for a title and content. The styling/formatting of the section could have a default styling to draw emphasis to that section, but could also be customized in the usual CSS files.

Please "thumbs-up" this idea if you agree... or maybe someone has a better idea?

~ Deborah

I like the idea.

Could we use a separator, but choose "WYSIWYG" option rather than "HTML" and then just use the styles that are default or custom in the editor?


Tim Forrest
Toledoh Enterprises

I think that would be perfect, Tim!

Hi All, 

Just wanted to follow up on this thread.  I think this is an interesting idea.

What do you think the minimal WYSIWYG buttons you'd want?  And could it default to two columns or one?  

I think we could extend the separator field to do this.  I'm always cautious to put in WYSIWYGs because it doesn't always support people in creating nice looking and working software.  We allow HTML already in that field anyway though.  

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Funny - I was just thinking of this today.  I used the HTML code and inserted bootstrap dismissible and non dismissible alerts almost as reminders for the user to go through when creating a record.  This is for a hostel booking system, and as they check guests in and out, they need to do a number of things.

The client loves it, sees it as a real benefit to them, and it took very little effort to achieve.  I would use it more often if it was a WYSIWYG and I had my custom styles available to use.

Standard formatting of bold etc is a must. At times, images would be handy to include, as well as links, 


Tim Forrest
Toledoh Enterprises