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Last Post: August 16, 2017

By Dave - August 16, 2017 - edited: August 16, 2017

Hi dccreatives, 

There's nothing in the CMS that should interfere with the .htaccess code you posted.  Unless you were using permalinks or something like that, but I think even those are case-insensitive.

When working with hosting company support staff what we usually do is create a very simple "test case" that demonstrates the problem and ideally excludes the CMS.  What I'd recommend in this case is to create a file in the root of your website called HelloWorld.html (don't even use PHP) with the contents of <h1>Hello World</h1>.  Then give them an example urls such as: 

And let them know you'd like both URLs to work, but currently, only the second one does.

Let me know what happens! 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer