Hi All,

We've just released a new version of the Geocoder Plugin:


NOTE: This version requires CMSB 3.00 (Released January 8th, 2016)

Here's what's new in version 1.05:

  • Google maps now require an API key to display, added system to integrate API key. 

  • Added instructions on how to get a Google Maps API key.

Let me know any questions!

Greg Thomas - PHP Developer


Greg Thomas
PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

Geocoder 1.05 Released! Suggestion/recommendation - putting Google API Key into CMSB settings area instead of plugin file

Hi equinox

Thanks for the idea.

I see what you mean about saving some plugin details in CMS Builder instead of the plugin file itself.

We have an on-going discussion internally on different ways to handle this.

Along with your idea of adding more fields to the settings.dat file, we are also discussion ideas along the lines of  "Settings" link next to each plugin in the main plugin menu.

Let us know if you have any other thoughts.

Ross Fairbairn - Consulting

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