Hello, All -

For the avoidance of doubt, could the iTools team please give an indication of what changes will need to be made to simpleCart set-ups in order to comply with the soon to be introduced new PayPal requirements?

It is my understanding that the changes will have an effect on the way IPN works - which means some work will be required on our set-ups in order to continue operating.



Hi, Greg -

Thanks for this. Am I right in thinking, therefore, that the warning sent out by PayPal applies to server setups - as opposed to web site set-ups?

I run almost my sites on 1&1 servers - which are pretty top drawer in Europe - so I am guessing they'd already be on side with the changes.


Hey Perch, 

That's correct, you'll need to ensure that the server is able to make the correct type of connection to PayPal. There aren't any changes need to the PHP code.



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

Brilliant. Thanks.