i want to show images based on location of a city or een province kan that be done easy with geocoder?

Has any one done that before?

just wondering.



Hi Damon,

thnx for thinking with me.

I don't want to place the images in a map but show images based on a region or city or even country.

nice for backgrounds but also ads.

just trying to be creative hahah




Hi again,

With the Geocoder, there is example code that will help as a starting point:
Proximity search with results sorted by distance

With this example code, you coudl modify it to pass a query for city, region, state, province, country etc. Then limit the distance. And last step would be to output the images attached to the records that was returned matching the query.

You could also limit the number of records returned as well as the number of images displayed.

So, options are always available. Just a matter of figuring out the end result and then putting together the CMS Builder setup and custom code to make it happen!

Damon Edis

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