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By Toledoh - April 16, 2015

Hey Dave,

Can you consider this for the new back-end?

Within a single record section, I am able to use a separator, then enter text.  I use this to create mini instructions for the users.  However, I don't have this ability on the list view of a multi-record section.  It would be good to be able to edit a "description" field for the section that would appear above the list of records.  Maybe just a WYSIWYG field in the section editor where we could add anything, link to additional resources etc.


Tim Forrest

Toledoh Enterprises

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By Deborah - April 16, 2015

Hi, Dave.

I would like to cast a second vote for Toledoh's idea. As it is now, to provide instructions for a CMS field, I need to first create a special CSS class, then type instructions into the separator <td>. To have the ability to create an admin-only "instructions" field for any user entry field would be ultimately helpful to me and would provide my clients with better guidance.

Another helpful feature would be a built-in URL field that includes a URL validator. I have on-page PHP code that can compensate for the missing "http://", but it doesn't compensate for someone not reading instructions and typing a page name or some other text instead of a URL. It seems that my field instructions sometimes don't scream loudly enough when it comes to URL entries.

So for me, top priorities for new admin:

1) Better way to provide field instructions
2) Specific field for entering URLs (with validation)

Thanks for hearing me out!
~ Deborah

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By Dave - April 20, 2015

Those are great ideas, thanks for the feedback.  I've made a note of them for version 3.01+.

Our current priority is to get you a responsive version 3.0 as soon as possible.  So feel free to remind us after 3.0 for this request.  We want to get you something to work with as soon as possible and continue building on that vs making you wait longer for a release with more features (The features take the same amount of time whether we do a release mid-stream or not).


Dave Edis - Senior Developer
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By gversion - June 3, 2015

Hi Dave,

Sorry if I have missed it but is there a link to the version 3 beta now available?

Also, I am really pleased to see that the suggested theme Clip-One is using Bootstrap. Clip-Two looks pretty awesome too with AngularJS!

Thank you


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By Maurice - July 6, 2015

What is the status on the beta release date?