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I keep getting this message on my website almost every day. Can anyone recommend how to get this resolved?

Here is the Link: http://www.trinicarsforsale.com/database/featuredcarsList.php

Here is the message: Hello, Website Visitors! We are temporarily experiencing high website traffic or technical difficulties. Please bookmark this page and come back later. Do you run this website? We were unable to connect to the database, possibly because: Your database settings are incorrect (check in /data/settings.dat.php) Your database server is down or overloaded (check with your host) The database error given was: Too many connections

Here is my Server Info: (I am using a Dedicated Server)

Operating System Linux 2.6.32-358.23.2.el6.x86_64 Web Server Apache/2.2.24 PHP Version PHP v5.3.26 - phpinfo >>

  • PHP is running as user: tcfs
  • PHP disabled functions: none
  • php.ini path: /home/tcfs/php.ini

 Database Server MySQL v5.1.73 (Max Connections: 100) 

  • Hostname: localhost - Database: tcfs_trinicars - Username: tcfs_khayam - Table Prefix: cms_
  • To change MySQL settings edit /data/settings.dat.php

Disk Space Free: 674.87 GB, Total: 891.78 GB Server Resource Limits CPU Time: unlimited,  Memory Limit: unlimited,  Processes: 30488 - ulimit >>

By mizrahi - April 24, 2014 - edited: April 24, 2014

Who is your hosting provider? I used to get these messages all the time on sites hosted at Network Solutions.

By rez - April 24, 2014 - edited: April 24, 2014

I've seen this message on Hostagtor as well. This isnt a thread about a dedicated server but if you read through it, you will understand a little more about processes and connections and it may give you direction. For this OP's account, there is a 25 connection limit:


So it seems you need to know what the limitations of a dedicated hostgator server are and if you are hitting that limit or some poor scripts are causing it.   EDIT: from your message above: "Database Server MySQL v5.1.73 (Max Connections: 100) "

This post will probably be moved to off topic but I am interested in your resolution and more info as you find it. Please post back when you resolve this? :) I also use Hostgator but don't have the traffic that you have yet. 

By the way, if you start a ticket at Hostgator instead of using their live chat, you will probably get a more knowledgeable tech. It's a slow process :(.