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By ht1080z - March 27, 2014


We need to add access to editor account (not admin) in the newsletterBuilder -> Mailing Lists -> add subscribers by email.

I cannot figure it out in the add-on, how.

Please advise,Karls

By Daryl - March 28, 2014

Hi Karls,

You can grant access to a specific section to a user by selecting "By Section" in User Accounts > Section Access > Access: By Section and check the checkbox besides the section that you want the user to have an access to.

Hope this helps!


Daryl Maximo
PHP Programmer -

By ht1080z - March 28, 2014

Hi Daryl,

I cannot grant access to this specific section through the user accounts.

This is a bulk e-mail import utility of the newsletterBuilder add-on. Please see screenshot for details.



mail_export.jpg 58K

By ht1080z - April 1, 2014

Thank you Chris, this works perfectly!