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By Deborah - October 4, 2013

I'd like to set a 'Reply-To' email header field for password reset emails. (CMSB version 2.53)

I'm using SMTP authentication and have a special email address assigned for SMTP connection. I can't use my client's email credentials as the sender, because the client may change their password.

I'm fine with hard-coding into the CMSB template files, as the same Reply-To value will apply to all sent.

Am I on the right track assuming I would edit this file?

/lib/common.php  ... somewhere at this location:

  // Set Reply-To: email (default to From: if not defined)
  $emailComponents = isValidEmail(coalesce(@$options['headers']['Reply-To'], $options['from']), false); // DO NOT allow multiple
  foreach ($emailComponents as $emailNameArray) { $message->setReplyTo($emailNameArray[0], nullIfFalse($emailNameArray[1])); }

Please let me know how I should modify the sample code as I'd like to implement it on a number of sites.

Thanks for your help.

~ Deborah

By ross - October 9, 2013

Hi Deborah

Thanks for posting!

I feel like you are in the right area there. This isn't going to be something we can really support though as once you start modifying library files, it becomes tricky for us to support.  Also keep in mind that when you do an upgrade, this change will need to be re-done.  

Let me know how you make out :)!


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