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By Jesus - September 17, 2013 - edited: September 17, 2013


I've 3 product subcategories and I need to have 3 different tables (because of the urls, as they need to have specific urls for each subcategory). I'm looking to have a select box automatically created based on each subcategory so I can get a list from all 3 different tables related products.

I know this its possible, I just had a hard time figure it out. If any one can help me to the right direction... :) Thanks!


By Jesus - September 17, 2013

On each of my products subcategories tables, I'm creating a list field with multiple value checkboxes. As each product on each subcategory can be linked to multiple applications. So the product subcategory will contain this field with up to 6 values (on the list).

No problem here, now... what I need to do its to generate the proper query in order to grab all related products for the same application from different tables and include those organized by application on a select box with a link.

I know how to do this for 1 table but, how can I do this from 3 different tables on the same query?

Thanks for your help!