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Re: [terryally] Multiple error messages

By Jason - March 15, 2012

Hi Terry,

Are you seeing these error every time you use getRecords? I'm not sure what PHP error reporting script you're using, but my guess is that it's turning up the error reporting high enough that it's not allowing for error suppression.

Taking the first error message in your list as an example, it is referring to this line:

if (@$options['leftJoin']) {

This is checking to see if there is a leftJoin option in the options array. If there isn't (and there usually won't be), it technically will throw an error since we're accessing an index that doesn't exist. The @ symbol in front is meant to suppress this error. If you turn off the PHP error reporting script, do these problems go away? Are you able to control the reporting level in the script?

Hope this helps
Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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Re: [Jason] Multiple error messages

By terryally - March 16, 2012

Hi Jason,

I am using my own error reporting script and yes I can suppress the errors.

I wrote a script for members to update their records. That membership database was not written using CMSB but a newsletter mailing programme. However, the page on which this sits is built using a template that was written with CMSB.

I don't want to suppress the errors in the event that a genuine error is thrown up and this is the method through which I monitor any PHP errors as I have too many websites to monitor.

If these CMSB "errors" are not really anything to worry about then, I'll just ignore them.


Re: [terryally] Multiple error messages

By (Deleted User) - March 16, 2012

Hi Terry,

That makes sense - you'll know if CMSB is having real difficulties if the site throws up an error when it's viewed - if that happens, let us know!