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Last Post: November 21, 2017

I am most of the way through coding my site moving it totally away from WP, even though not fully functional I have removed WP the site is pretty broken but I am close to most base stuff working, what I am having issues with;

  1. Uploads ... I have the code to do the upload, move the file, create the record in cmsb_uploads but how can I easily without having to load all of cmsb generate the thumbs?
  2. Meta ... same thingy, I don't use cmsb on the front end it is PDO driven, need a simple method for loading cmsb meta information, I already do some of my own for the display system like Carbon date diff for hoomans
  3. API .. what would be useful is a way for an application to jag into cmsb for stuff, my site load is really fast because everything lazy loads only when needed I don't want to load all of cmsb when all I want is front end stuff, there just doesn't seem to be a front end interface apart from the viewer functions loader.


<? Larry >
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Hi Larry, 

1) In the field editor there's a link beside the thumbnails for "recreate".  If you click that it will automatically recreate all the thumbnails for that field.

2) What meta information do you need/want? 

3) What are you wanting or not wanting to load? 

Let me know some more details and I'll try to help.  Cheers!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Heya, been coding and spraying weeds .. oh and fixing a roof <sigh> life in the bush....

Anyway, I suppose when all the whinging and whining is removed it is that CMSB really needs to be api driven, so all the internals use the same api we can then also use in our front end stuff. I do not know if I am unique but I love using CMSB but only as the back end manager for content management all of the user side of the system I use a different method (ie templates, lazy loading classes et al) you may think it aint doable that's ok I will continue with adding stuff to my cmsb class as I need them :-)


PS: It is just the thumbnail code is painful as it is in three different files that I need to work out what you are doing so I can duplicate it ... which is why I suggest api, if I add an upload I should be able to call something like cmsbAPI::buildThumb( recnum_of_the_upload );

<? Larry >
Coding since 1973