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By jenolan - November 12, 2017

I am most of the way through coding my site moving it totally away from WP, even though not fully functional I have removed WP the site is pretty broken but I am close to most base stuff working, what I am having issues with;

  1. Uploads ... I have the code to do the upload, move the file, create the record in cmsb_uploads but how can I easily without having to load all of cmsb generate the thumbs?
  2. Meta ... same thingy, I don't use cmsb on the front end it is PDO driven, need a simple method for loading cmsb meta information, I already do some of my own for the display system like Carbon date diff for hoomans
  3. API .. what would be useful is a way for an application to jag into cmsb for stuff, my site load is really fast because everything lazy loads only when needed I don't want to load all of cmsb when all I want is front end stuff, there just doesn't seem to be a front end interface apart from the viewer functions loader.



By Dave - November 14, 2017

Hi Larry, 

1) In the field editor there's a link beside the thumbnails for "recreate".  If you click that it will automatically recreate all the thumbnails for that field.

2) What meta information do you need/want? 

3) What are you wanting or not wanting to load? 

Let me know some more details and I'll try to help.  Cheers!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer